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24 August, 2020 - sunset ripples in the changing light 24 August, 2020 - sunset ripples in the changing light Same sunset, with different light


This series were taken during the year of 2020.
The year that didn’t really happen. Prior to 2020, life was pretty darn great, we love that our jobs allow us to travel, a lot, for extended amounts of time and with almost complete freedom.

We had managed to set up a European ‘division’ of our photography business and we were travelling between wedding seasons in Europe and Straddie.

COVID put an abrupt halt to that way of life and we found ourselves back on the island full time.
The year could be considered life changing for us, in all aspects, in particular, our business.

Having our options severely reduced gave us space and time to put things into perspective.
There was a lot of behind the scenes stuff happening over this year and these are a couple of times we picked up a camera, during that year that didn’t really happen.

Thanks to Jess and her team at Seascape for having us as their first Artist of the Month, as a local small business we love and appreciate the support we have received from her over the years.


The Artists

Ang and Stu plus their dog Chester live in a little Amity shack that they renovated themselves, they have a photography and film business on the island, Stradbroke Island Photography.

Both spent their career travelling Australia and the world as newspaper photographers before meeting in the desert on the border of NSW and Victoria and falling in love, (while keeping it a secret in the newsroom)

It took Ang about half a six pack, enjoying the sunset, while sitting on Cylinder Headland, to persuade Stu that Straddie and everything it had to offer, is the place for them.


Framing will be white with a 5cm matt border around the high quality Fine Art Paper printed with archival pigment inks


Printing is high quality Fine Art Aquarelle Paper printed with archival pigment inks