Heart CANDLE You Me n Bones

Heart CANDLE You Me n Bones

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Available in Red with Pomegranate Sage scent.

Hand poured with soy wax and cotton wick, when burning correctly Heart has a burn time of over 50 hours.

Unlike your normal, flat surfaced candles, our candles can be leaky when burning. Before you light him up, it is important that you check out our Candle Care leaflet for more information on how to best burn your Doll Head.
It is normal in soy wax for colours to fade/bleed/acquire a 'dusty'/'frosty' layer overtime.

You, Me & Bones offers a range of quirky and unique products such as Skull, Brain, Spine, Heart and the ever popular Doll Head candles. These aren’t your average candles - they’re hand poured awesomeness.

Light it up or have display in your house, you'll love it as much as we do!


Waan Pivasiri is a cat lover, owner and creator of quirky and unique candles You, Me & Bones. All of her products are sculpted, moulded and hand poured in Melbourne using natural waxes and cotton wicks. You, Me & Bones' candles are not just your regular light me and leave me candles, they are works of art. (But seriously people, don't leave your candles burning unattended.)