Sea Dragon SUN SHIRT Solar Bare

Sea Dragon SUN SHIRT Solar Bare

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Solar Bare, sun shirts made with love in Australia. The collection features four original reef-inspired prints: sea dragon, mermaid, clownfish and bananas.

We'd like to introduce the fish behind the designs - green moon wrasse, bi-colour parrot fish, clownfish, red brick sea star and emperor angelfish.  Whether in school or just hanging in an anemone, there's loads of personality below the waterline. 

Solar Bare mini rashies showcase the vibrant colours and patterns of the Great Barrier Reef.

So easy to spot on the sand, and fun in the sun!!!!

  • contrast long sleeve
  • UPF50+ polyester / elastane
  • soft and comfy fit, great for in and out of the water
  • t-shirt style
  • contrast stitching
  • quick dry
  • UPF testing complies with AU/NZS 4399:1996 Standard
  • if you don't want skin tight, we suggest ordering a size larger than the age indicates, as the cut is slim-fit