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Once you try it, you can't stop! This is hands down, the BEST thing since sliced bread! Made by an awesome team - Sofie and Jena, best mates who are the real thing. They say F*%*k being perfect and we love that


Skinned is formulated from start to finish in house in its entirety - right here in Queensland!

SKINNED is the love child skincare range founded by us, Sofie + Jena, a BFF duo with only two things in common:
1. The same taste in alcohol... different taste in men 
2. Skin flakier than their exes

We were sick of boring AF skincare so we gave it a face lift. We are the rule breakers, beauty rebels and cut throat realists. One half is a Beauty & Skin Therapist, and the other is a serial-ideas lady.

This includes labelling the bottles, inserting flowers, crystals, and shimmers, formulating and pouring the oils, and finishing the oils off by capping and packaging all products… ALL IN HOUSE.

Luxury Body Oils, as seen in

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7 products