Lazy River Rope Designs is a small father and son owned business

started right here at Point Lookout,  North Stradbroke Island.

Brooke was born and raised on the island. His parents moved to Straddie in 1993, seeking a lifestyle like none other. Straddie was, and still is, the perfect place to raise children, own and operate a prawn trawler and live a happy life. Steve has since retired from the fishing industry and spends his time surfing, fishing (for fun) and sourcing new and old rope for our products. Lazy River supports sustainable Australian fisheries and through our craft pays homage to the men and women who live and work at sea.

“Lazy River Rope Designs started in the backyard when Dad and I were wondering what do to with old rope left over from an illustrious 50-year career onboard prawn trawlers. Dad has an uncanny ability with rope, and with a bit of research and development our first mat was born.” – Brooke

Custom orders welcome