Rope 40 Fathom Doormat Rope Buoy

Rope 40 Fathom Doormat Rope Buoy

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A treat for the feet! This mat is made from revived marine grade polyethylene rope, which is designed to withstand the elements.
Water and mould resistant, reversible and weather-hardy.
Made to fit a standard door frame.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
The thick weave has the dual function of cleaning your shoes (or sandy toes) or giving your bare feet a good massage! 'Sole' therapy we call it!
The perfect housewarming gift or bright addition to your own home.

Dimension 870mm x 560mm x 33mm.

Custom orders are welcome

All mats come with a non slip sheet that fits discretely beneath and within the dimensions of the mat.

*NB: Due to the individuality of the rope collected colours may vary slightly from items pictured. Please email us if you would like photographic confirmation of item prior to postage.


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