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Plain Wide Ring - Sea Coins

Plain Wide Ring - Sea Coins

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Where simplicity meets rugged and raw. This silver ring is the perfect uni-sex staple that will compliment any of our pieces. The ‘not so careful’ designs accentuates any and all imperfections to create an earthy and rustic aesthetic.

This piece was hand-carved Sea Coins and hand-cast by artisans. I have been sure to design this piece so the inner edges are smooth and seamless with a thin band around to the back to maximise comfort and mobility when wearing this ring.


Ring Size Guide

Sizing our rings is very important so that you buy the right ring the first time. We offer ring sizers that you can purchase so that you get the perfect fit for your ring. If you don’t have a ring sizer, below are two simple methods you can use to work out your ring size at home:

You will need: 

  • Piece of String (or something similar)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Step 1: Cut approximately 10cm of string, so that you have a reasonable amount to work with. 

Step 2: Wrap the string around the base of the finger you want to wear the ring on. Make sure that it is not too tight, so it passes your knuckle. But it needs to be tight enough that the ring won’t fall off. If the string is imprinting on or cutting into your finger – too tight!

Step 3: Mark where the string overlaps and measure that length (mm). Find where this measurement correlates on the Circumference Sizing Chart. Triple check this measurement to ensure you are 100% happy with it.

Step 4: Alternatively, take a ring that you already wear that comfortably fits the finger you want to wear your new ring on and measure the diameter of the inside of that ring. Compare this measurement (mm) to the Diameter Sizing Chart. Triple check this measurement to ensure you are 100% happy with it.

A few things to consider:

  • If the base of your finger and your knuckle are significantly different in size, take two measurements and choose a size in between. 
  • If your finger falls between two sizes, we recommend sizing up, the ring will sit more comfortably if it is slightly too big rather than too tight. 
  • Your fingers can swell and shrink during the day, depending on activity, times, and temperature. We recommend checking the size at different times of the day for a more accurate fit. 
  • Statistically, your dominant hand is likely to be larger than you other hand – keep this in mind when sizing. 

Is your ring ‘stuck’?

There is nothing worse than that feeling that you are never going to get your ring off. Keep in mind if you got the ring on, you will get it off. We recommend running the ring under some water or using a gentle hand soap to help it come off. Rather than stress twisting, yanking and tugging, gently rock the ring back and forth over each knuckle. Stay calm, when you stress your finger will swell so it will make it harder to remove.Sea Coins embodies the essence of nature's beauty through our perfectly imperfect handmade sustainable and ethical jewelry. Each creation, much like a delicate sea coin, carries a unique story and pattern, reminding us of the beauty in life's imperfections.

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Who are we?

Starfish Studio is a little studio on beautiful Stradbroke Island, nestled between Moreton Bay and the Coral Sea.   Jess is a visual artist who trained in Fine Art and has been practising her art for 20 years.  She has been living on Stradbroke for most of her career and is raising her family there surrounded by the sand, salt and crystal clear waters.

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Our designs

She creates her designs on paper with pen and ink or graphite and then has them printed onto a range of gorgeous fabrics for the homewares range.  The dramatic and beautiful landscape of the Island is evident as inspiration in her designs, which look fantastic in any home.

Her work is designed and manufactured in  Australia – which is good for everyone…Custom orders are always welcome and she can colour match and have your favourite designs printed to order on your choice of fabric.

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  • Designed + made locally

    From the inspiration, to the design, to the printing + stitching, all of our work is done right here on the island.

  • Considered collections

    All of our new releases are designed with the previous collections in mind, meaning you can build your story without clashing colours.

  • Quality materials

    We focus on using materials which promote longevity whilst maintaining the most beautiful feel.

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